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Victor Dejanovic

Doctor of Chiropractic

Victor Dejanovic

“I was brought up in a very medical family.  This meant I was exposed to many different fields of medicine which in turn made me appreciate the importance of having good access to doctors and other health providers in our communities.”

Victor arrived in the UK from the sunny Northern coast of Croatia to study Chiropractic at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic.

Victor was introduced to Chiropractic after sustaining an injury to his back. A neurosurgeon advised him that surgery was likely to be the course of action required to remedy this. However due to the risks involved with surgery and such an invasive procedure, the consultant also recommended him to see a Chiropractor first. He explained to Victor that Chiropractors had the best rates of conservative treatment success with his type of injury.

“A course of Chiropractic care over the next few months left me surgery free and in love with Chiropractic!”

Victor truly understands the art of Chiropractic and its part to play in allowing the body to self-heal. He has a great interest in functional exercise and bodyweight training and will often incorporate this into his patient’s treatment plans.

In his spare time Victor takes care of his Bonsai tree collection and enjoys all types of entertainment at theatres and cinemas.

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Victor Dejanovic
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