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Your Road to Recovery

First Visit – Consultation

Your Road to Recovery


A consultation form will be sent to you to fill in before your appointment. Your Chiropractor will have time to read your history before your arrival.

You will be warmly greeted by one of our Chiropractic Assistants and they will make you comfortable. We have great coffee available!


Your Doctor of Chiropractic will introduce themselves and escort you to a private consultation room where you will be asked questions about your presenting problem, your medical history and lifestyle.

The spine and nervous system are delicate and as everyone is built and lives differently, it is important to consider all factors of your health.


The examination is thorough and often assesses the whole body. It consists of orthopedic and neurological testing as well as a full Chiropractic assessment of your spine, joints, muscles and ligaments.


It is extremely important for our patients to understand what the problem is and the cause. Your Chiropractor may use models and charts to help you understand. If treatment is appropriate, spinal adjustments will be performed at this time and you will receive home care advice and exercises. Very occasionally patients need to be referred for further tests such as X-rays. This will be arranged by your Chiropractor if required.

Second Visit – Report of Findings

Your Road to Recovery
Your Road to Recovery
Adjustment Model


Your Chiropractor will ensure that you have understood your diagnosis and how Chiropractic can help you. They will spend time answering any questions you may have from your first visit.


You will be reexamined to assess how your body has responded to the adjustments on your first visit and how well the corrections have remained.


Your Chiropractor will tailor a plan of care to sort out your problem. This schedule of appointments is based on the response from your first visit, the chronicity and severity of the problem and lifestyle factors. These appointments will be booked by the Chiropractic Assistant team to ensure your preferred days and times are available. This initial plan will be constantly monitored by your Chiropractor. It is important to keep to the frequency of these appointments as much as possible as each visit builds on the one before.

Regular Visits

New to Chiropractic
Regular Visits
New to Chiropractic

These appointments will consist of Chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy if needed and appropriate home exercise and advice. Examinations will be performed at intervals to assess progress. As the corrections begin to take effect and hold, your visit frequency will reduce.


Visits will be close together, with each appointment building on the one before. The goal in this phase is to reduce pain and inflammation, thus stabilising the condition.


The aim now is to correct the underlying injury or cause of the problem and to strengthen the muscles and soft tissue around the spine. This phase is focused on repair. Treatment in this phase reduces the chance of a relapse.  Visits will be less frequent as we see how long the spine can hold its corrections.


Regular checkups allow your body to work at its best and help your body’s own healing ability to deal with whatever life throws at you.

You wouldn’t wait for your car to break down before getting it serviced, so don’t wait until you have pain before receiving a spinal checkup.

Chiropractors recommend regular maintenance appointments to get well and stay well. These maybe every few months- your Chiropractor will advise you of the frequency for you when you get to this stage.